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8610 * *Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision V
* Ambient Illumination and the Determination of Material Changes
* Combinatorics of Local Constraints in Model-Based Recognition and Localization from Sparse Data, The
* Computational-Geometric Methods for Polygonal Approximations of a Curve
* Curvature-Based Scheme for Improving Road Vehicle Guidance by Computer Vision, A
* Digital Color Reproduction on Color Television Monitors
* Digital Straight Segments
* Edge Extraction Using Entropy Operator
* Evaluation of Linear Models of Surface Spectral Reflectance with Small Numbers of Parameters
* Identification of Human Faces Using Data-Driven Segmentation, Rule-based Hypothesis Formulation, and Iterative Model-based Hypothesis Verification
* Morphological Skeleton Representation and Coding of Binary Images
* On the Application of Massively Parallel SIMD Tree Machines to Certain Intermediate-Level Vision Tasks
* Recognition and Recovery of the Three-Dimensional Orientation of Planar Point Patterns
* Role of AI in the Integration of Remotely Sensed Data with Geographic Information Systems, The
* Volume/Surface Octrees for the Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects
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