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8702 * Automatic Extraction of Face Features
* Context-Directed Segmentation Algorithm for Handwritten Numeral Strings
* Detecting Structure by Symbolic Constructions on Tokens
* Differential Equation Approach to Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction, A
* Dilation Algorithm for a Linear Quadtree
* From Orientation Selection to Optical Flow
* Generating and Generalizing Models of Visual Objects
* Image registration method
* Improved Parallel Thinning Algorithm, An
* Iris recognition system
* Machines Should Not See as People Do, but Must Know How People See
* Method and apparatus for registering color separation film 1
* Pattern position detecting apparatus
* Reconstructing the Third Dimension: Interactions Between Color, Texture, Motion, Binocular Disparity, and Shape
* Selection of Image Primitives for General-Purpose Visual Processing
* Spatial Frequency Channels and Perceptual Grouping in Texture Segregation
* Systolic Algorithms to Examine All Pairs of Elements
* Terrain Modelling with B-Spline Type Surfaces Defined on Curved Knot Lines
* Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Partial Contours
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