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8904 * 3-D Surface Solution Using Structured Light and Constraint Propagation
* Automating Knowledge Acquisition for Aerial Image Interpretation
* Behavior of Edges in Scale Space
* Efficient Uniform Cost Algorithm Applied to Distance Transforms, An
* Generating half-tone representations
* Gradation processing method for color images
* Identification of Three-Dimensional Objects Using Range Information
* Leave-One-Out Procedures for Nonparametric Error Estimates
* Machine Vision for Inspection and Measurement
* Method and apparatus for image capture of information on documents
* Method and apparatus for simplifying runlength data from scanning of images
* Model Construction and Shape Recognition from Occluding Contours
* Motion from Flow Along Contours: A Note on Robustness and Ambiguous Cases
* Multicriterion Image Reconstruction and Implementation
* Multiresolution Elastic Matching
* New Method for Image Segmentation, A
* OBVIUS: Object-Based Vision and Image Understanding System
* On the Recognition of Parameterized 2-D Objects
* One-Pass Two-Operation Process to Detect the Skeletal Pixels on the 4-Distance Transform, A
* Position measuring method
* Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Modified Hough Transform Techniques
* Recovery of the 3-D Location and Motion of a Rigid Object Through Camera Image (An Extended Kalman Filter Approach)
* Reduced Parzen Classifier, The
* Same-Object Problem for Polyhedral Solids, The
* Stereo and Multiplanar Video Display of 3-D Magnetic Resonance Image Data
* System and method for calculating movement direction and position of an unmanned vehicle
* Unified Approach for Early-Phase Image Understanding Using a General Decision Criterion
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Textured Images by Edge Detection in Multidimensional Features
* Visual Potential: One Convex Polygon, The
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