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8906 * Autonomous Intelligent Machines
* Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation and Learning
* Building an Environment Model Using Depth Information
* Color from Black and White
* Comparison at High Spatial Frequencies of Two-Pass and One-Pass Geometric Transformation Algorithms
* Design of Perimeter Estimators for Digitized Planar Shapes
* Detection and Segmentation of Man-Made Objects in Outdoor Scenes: Concrete Bridges
* Direct Method for Locating the Focus of Expansion, A
* Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Image Template Matching on Hypercube SIMD Machines
* Eye movement detector
* Fast Algorithms for Running Ordering and Max/Min Calculation
* Fractal-Based Analysis of 3D Natural Surface Shapes and Their Application to Terrain Modeling
* Gray-Level Thresholding of Images Using A Correlation Criterion
* Hough Transform for Line Recognition: Complexity of Evidence Accumulation and Cluster Detection
* Illumination Independent Change Detection for Real World Image Sequences
* Image encoding and synthesis
* Image Enhancement for Segmentation by Self-Induced Autoregressive Filtering
* Local and Semi-Local Shape from Shading for a Simple Perspective Image of a Smooth Object
* Mathematical Analysis of the Motion Coherence Theory, A
* Method of bridging between contour elements in an image
* Method of determining the trajectory of a body suitable for moving along a portion of a path, and apparatus for implementing the method
* Modern Differential Geometric Approach to Shape from Shading, A
* Neighbor Finding in Images Represented by Octrees
* Object Recognition Based on Graph Matching Implemented by a Hopfield-Style Neural Network
* On the Recognition of Curved Objects
* Optimal Estiamtion of Contour Properties by Cross-Validated Regularization
* Organization of Smooth Image Curves at Multiple Scales
* Precision of Digital Target Location
* Principal Warps: Thin-Plate Splines and the Decomposition of Deformations
* Range Image Segmentation Based on Differential Geometry: A Hybrid Approach
* Real time perception of and response to the actions of an unencumbered participant/user
* Recovering Three-Dimensional Shape from a Single Image of Curved Objects
* Representation Theory for Morphological Image and Signal Processing, A
* Representing Oriented Piecewise C^2 Surfaces
* Shape from Shading Analysis for a Single Perspective Image of a Polyhedron, A
* Study of Associative Evidential Reasoning, A
* Surface Orientation from a Projection Grid
* Two-Dimensional Linear Prediction Model-Based Decorrelation Method
* Using Color for Geometry-Insensitive Segmentation
* Vision System for Robotic Inspection and Manipulation, A
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