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9002 * *Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques
* *Nonlinear Image Processing
* Algebraic Polyhedral Constraints and 3D Structure from Motion
* Algorithms for Image Component Labeling on SIMD Mesh-Connected Computers
* Analytic Structure of Image Flows: Deformation and Segmentation, The
* Comments on A Three-Module Strategy for Edge Detection
* Comparative Study of Hough Transform Methods for Circle Finding
* Computing the Aspect Graph for Line Drawings of Polyhedral Objects
* Edge-Labeling Using Dictionary-Based Relaxation
* Effectively Labeling Planar Projections of Polyhedra
* Experiments in Vehicle Control Using Predictive Feed-Forward Stereo
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Blind Estimation of Noise Variance, A
* Fitting Ellipses and Predicting Confidence Envelopes Using a Bias Corrected Kalman Filter
* Gaze Controls Cooperating Through Prediction
* High probability of detection, low false alarm multisensor ATR
* Method and apparatus for displaying radiation image, and method and apparatus for calculating unsharp mask signal used for the same
* Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving 3D video pictures
* Method and device for the reduction of noise generated by a digital image encoder/decoder operating by blocks
* Method of and apparatus for eliminating interblock distortion due to compressed image data
* Motion vector estimation in television images
* Nonuniform Image Motion Estimation from Noisy Data
* Novel Approach to Boundary Finding
* Pattern Representations and Syntactic Classification of Radar Measurements of Commercial Aircraft
* Qualitative Depth from Stereo, with Applications
* Range Image Acquisition with a Single Binary-Encoded Light Pattern
* Real-Time 3D Object Tracking
* Recovery of Parametric Models from Range Images: The Case for Superquadrics with Global Deformations
* Regularization Algorithms for Learning That Are Equivalent to Multilayer Networks
* Rigid Velocities Compatible with Five Image Velocity Vectors
* Roll Angle Consistency Constraint
* Rotation Invariance in Gradient and Higher Order Derivative Detectors
* Stabbing parallel segments with a convex polygon
* Stereo Matching of Curves
* Stereoscopic Tracking of Bodies in Motion
* Switcher: A Stereo Algorithm for Ground Plane Obstacle Detection
* System Design / Scheduling Strategy for Parallel Image Processing, A
* Texture Segmentation Using Voronoi Polygons
* Tracking and Describing Deformable Objects Using Active Contour Models
* Tracking Objects Using Image Disparities
* Use of Shadows for Extracting Buildings in Aerial Images
* Very Fast Substring Search Algorithm, A
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