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9107 * *Image Algebra and Morphological Image Processing II
* Accurate detection of a drastic change between successive pictures
* Algebra of Polygons through the Notion of Negative Shapes, An
* Algebraic Basis of Mathematical Morphology: II. Openings and Closings, The
* art of fractal landscapes, The
* Character recognition method for recognizing character in an arbitrary rotation position
* Charge domain block matching processor
* Closed-Form Solutions for Physically Based Shape Modeling and Recognition
* Computer Music System the Follows a Human Conductor, A
* Constraining Object Features Using a Polarization Reflectance Model
* Determining Motion and Depth from Binocular Orthographic Views
* Dynamic 3D Models with Local and Global Deformations: Deformable Superquadrics
* Edge enhancement error diffusion thresholding for document images
* Establishing Motion Correspondence
* Estimation of Illuminant Direction, Albedo, and Shape from Shading
* Fast Multistage Likelihood Classification
* Hierarchical Classifier Design in High Dimensional, Numerous Class Cases
* Image compression by Gabor expansion
* Invariant Relationships in Side-Looking Synthetic Aperture Imagery
* Linear Resection, Intersection, and Perspective-Independent Model-Matching in Photogrammetry: Theory
* Matching of Doubly Ambiguous Stereograms, The
* Method and apparatus for three dimensional object surface determination using co-planar data from multiple sensors
* Method and associated apparatus for minimizing the effects of motion in the recording of an image
* Method for aligning an articulated beam delivery device, such as a robot
* Method for detecting and tracking moving objects in a digital image sequence having a stationary background
* Method for detecting character strings
* Motion Displacement Extimation Using an Affine Model for Image Matching
* Optical fiber based sensor for a variable depth range camera
* Projective Area-Invariants as an Extension of the Cross-Ratio
* Recovery of Nonridid Motion and Structure
* Reflections on Shading
* Robot Vision System for Recognition of Generic Shaped Objects, A
* Spline Models for Boundary Detection/Description: Formulation and Performance Evaluation
* Surface Identification Using the Dichromatic Reflection Model
* Surface Reflection: Physical and Geometrical Perspectives
* Using Chromatic Information in Edge-Based Stereo Correspondence
* Zero-Crossings of a Wavelet Transform
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