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Dyduch, T. Co Author Listing * Application Of Neural Networks In 3d Object Recognition System

Dydyk, R.B. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Prototyping Tool

Dye, J.W. Co Author Listing * Progress Toward An Image Understanding Application Development Environment
* Qualitative Navigation Ii
* Visual Memory Structure For A Mobile Robot

Dyer, C. Co Author Listing * Direct Computation Of Differential Invariants Of Image Contours From Shading
* Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
* Workshop Panel Report-Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision

Dyer, C.R. Co Author Listing * 2-D Object Recognition Using Hierarchical Boundary Segments
* 3-D Multiview Object Representations For Model-Based Object Recognition
* Affine Invariant Detection Of Periodic Motion
* Algorithm For Constructing The Aspect Graph, An
* Analysis Of Node Linking In Overlapped Pyramids, An
* Asp: A Continuous Viewer-Centered Representation For 3d Object Recognition, The
* Complete Scene Structure From Four Point Correspondences
* Computing Spatiotemporal Relations For Dynamic Perceptual Organization
* Computing Spatiotemporal Surface Flow
* Cyclic Motion Detection Using Spatiotemporal Surfaces And Curves
* Dynamic Shading, Motion Parallax And Qualitative Shape
* Edge Separation And Orientation Texture Measures
* Global Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Control Of Observer Motion
* Global Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Control Of Observer Motion
* Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms For Pipe
* Image-Based Visualization From Widely-Separated Views
* Interpolating View And Scene Motion By Dynamic View Morphing
* Local Constraint Integration In A Connectionist Model Of Stereo Vision
* Long-Range Spatiotemporal Motion Understanding Using Spatiotemporal Flow Curves
* Medial-Axis Based Shape Smoothing
* Model-Based Recognition In Robot Vision
* Model-Based Shape From Contour And Point Patterns
* Modeling The Rim Appearance
* Multiscale Image Understanding
* Node Linking Strategies In Pyramids For Image Segmentation
* Object Recognition Using Hough Pyramids
* Occluding Contour Detection Using Affine Invariants And Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Photorealistic Scene Reconstruction By Voxel Coloring
* Photorealistic Scene Reconstruction By Voxel Coloring
* Recognition And Recovery Of The Three-Dimensional Orientation Of Planar Point Patterns
* Recovering Shape By Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Recovering Shape By Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Scale Space Aspect Graph, The
* Scale Space Aspect Graph, The
* Scheduling Algorithms For Pipe (Pipelined Image-Processing Engine)
* Segmentation Of Textured Images
* Segmentation Of Textured Images By Pyramid Linking
* Shape Smoothing Using Medial Axis Properties
* Special Section On Computer Architectures And Parallel Algorithms For Pami (Papers Presented At The Workshop On Computer Architecture For Pattern Analysis And Machine Intelligence, Seattle, Wa, October 5-7, 1987)
* Three-Dimensional Shape Representation
* Toward Global Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Toward Image-Based Scene Representation Using View Morphing
* Towards Real-Time Voxel Coloring
* Trinocular General Support Algorithm: A Three-Camera Stereo Algorithm For Overcoming Binocular Matching Errors, The
* Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Models
* View Morphing
* View Morphing: Uniquely Predicting Scene Appearance From Basis Images
* View-Invariant Analysis Of Cyclic Motion
* Viewpoint From Occluding Contour
* Visibility, Occlusion, And The Aspect Graph
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Dyer, M.E. Co Author Listing * On A Multidimensional Search Technique And Its Application To The Euclidean One-Centre Problem
* On The Complexity Of Computing The Volume Of A Polyhedron
* Partitioning Algorithm For Minimum Weighted Euclidean Matching, A

Dyn, N. Co Author Listing * Butterfly Subdivision Scheme For Surface Interpolation With Tension Control, A
* Image Warping By Radial Basis Functions: Application To Facial Expressions

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