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Hibner, J. Co Author Listing * Multi-Spectral Imaging Filters

Hickinbotham, S.J. Co Author Listing * Segmenting Modulated Line Textures With S-Gabor Filters

Hidai, Y. Co Author Listing * Stroke Re-Ordering Algorithm For On-Line Handwritten Character Recognition

Hidoussi, N. Co Author Listing * Classification Of Radar Images In Polarimetric Remote Sensing

Hienz, H. Co Author Listing * Video-Based Handshape Recognition Using A Handshape Structure Model In Real Time

hierarchical systems: architectural features, I.P. Co Author Listing * Pscv

Higashino, J. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Segmentation Method For Document Understanding, A

Higgins, J. Co Author Listing * Matrix Method For Finding Sets Of Contiguous Non-Zero Elements In A 2-Dimensional Array-Ii

Higgins, W. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Designing Multiple Gabor Flters For Segmenting Multi-Textured Images, An

Higgins, W.E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation Of Image-Segmentation Processes
* Biomedical Image Processing (Santa Clara, Ca, February 1213
* Comparison Between The Morphological Skeleton And Morphological Shape Decomposition
* Edge Detection Using Two-Dimensional Local Structure Information
* Efficient Gabor Filter Design For Texture Segmentation
* Efficient Morphological Shape Representation
* Integrated Approach To Texture Segmentation Using Multiple Gabor Filters
* Multiscale Rician Approach To Gabor Filter Design For Texture Segmentation
* Optimal Gabor Filters For Texture Segmentation
* Relaxation Methods For Supervised Image Segmentation
* Shape Representation: Comparison Between The Morphological Skeleton And Morphological Shape Decomposition
* Strategy For Shape-Based Image Analysis
* Texture Segmentation Using 2-D Gabor Elementary Functions
* Watershed-Driven Relaxation Labeling For Image Segmentation
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Highnam, P.T. Co Author Listing * Computing The Hough Transform On A Scan Line Array Processor
* Computing The Hough Transform On A Scan Line Array Processor
* Optimal Algorithms For Finding The Symmetries Of A Planar Point Set
* Real-Time Image Processing On Scan Line Array Processors
* Scan Line Array Processors: Work In Progress

Higuchi, K. Co Author Listing * Building 3-D Models From Unregistered Range Images

Higuchi, T. Co Author Listing * Massively Parallel Artificial Intelligence

Hild, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Texture Elements From Images Of Shaded Scenes
* Initial Segmentation For Knowledge Indexing
* Interpretation Of Natural Scenes Using Multi-Parameter Default Models And Qualitative Constraints

Hildebolt, C.F. Co Author Listing * Validation Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Multispectral Tissue Classification

Hildreth, E.C. Co Author Listing * Comments On ``Digital Step Edges From Zero Crossings Of Second Directional Derivatives''
* Computations Underlying The Measurement Of Visual Motion
* Computations Underlying The Measurement Of Visual Motion
* Incremental Recovery Of Structure From Motion: Position Vs. Velocity Based Formalutions, The
* Measurement Of Visual Motion, Mit Press, Cambridge

Hill, A. Co Author Listing * Active Shape Models And The Shape Approximation Problem
* Least-Squares Solution Of Absolute Orientation With Non-Scalar Weights
* Model-Based Image Interpretation Using Genetic Algorithms
* Object Recognition By Flexible Template Matching Using Genetic Algorithms

Hill, D. Co Author Listing * Automated Visual Inspection, North-Holland

Hill, D.L.G. Co Author Listing * Deformations Incorporating Rigid Structures

Hill, D.R. Co Author Listing * Animating Speech: An Automated Approach Using Speech Synthesised By Rules

Hill, F.S. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics, Macmillan
Includes: Hill, F.S. Hill Jr., F.S.

Hill, J.V. Co Author Listing * Network Architecture Of The Connection Machine Cm-5, The

Hillebrand, R. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Logic Approach To Edge Detection In Hrem Images Of Iii-V Crystals, A

Hillion, A. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Fuzzy Gaussian Mixture And Unsupervised Statistical Image Segmentation
* Multiresolution Hybrid Neuro-Markovian Image Modeling And Segmentation, A
* Pattern Recognition Of Zooplankton

Hillis, D. Co Author Listing * Connection Machine, Mit Press, Cambridge, The

Hillis, W.D. Co Author Listing * Cm-5 Connection Machine: A Scalable Supercomputer, The
* Network Architecture Of The Connection Machine Cm-5, The

Hillman, D. Co Author Listing * Multiprocessor Computer System For Medical Image Processing

Hilsenrath, D.A. Co Author Listing * 3d Cuboid Scene Understanding By A Mixed Cognitive Graph And Log-Complex Mapping Paradigm

Hilton, A. Co Author Listing * Estimating Pose Uncertainty For Surface Registration
* Implicit Surface-Based Geometric Fusion
* Marching Triangles: Range Image Fusion For Complex Object Modelling
* Registration Of Multiple Point Sets
* Reliable Surface Reconstruction From Multiple Range Images
* Statistics Of Surface Curvature Estimates
* Statistics Of Surface Curvature Estimates
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Himayat, N. Co Author Listing * Median And Robust Polynomial Filters For Multivariate Image Data
* Structure For Adaptive Order Statistics Filtering, A

Himes, S.M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Diverse Image Types Using Opening And Closing

Hinamoto, T. Co Author Listing * Spatial-Domain Design Of A Class Of Two-Dimensional Recursive Digital Filters

Hincapie, G. Co Author Listing * On The Detection Of Edges Using Order Statistic Filters

Hincha, G. Co Author Listing * Optical Recognition Of Chinese Characters, Vieweg

Hinds, J.K. Co Author Listing * Hierarchy Of Geometric Forms, A
* Surface Analysis Methods

Hingorani, R. Co Author Listing * Computing Two Motions From Three Frames
* Hierarchical Model-Based Motion Estimation
* Mechanisms For Isolating Component Patterns In The Sequential Analysis Of Multiple Motion
* Object Tracking With A Moving Camera
* Three-Frame Algorithm For Estimating Two-Component Image Motion, A
* Transparent-Motion Analysis

Hingorani, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Multiple Hypothesis Approach To Contour Grouping, A
* Bayesian Multiple-Hypothesis Approach To Edge Grouping And Contour Segmentation, A

Hingorani, S.L. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Histogram Warping Of Image Pairs For Constant Image Brightness
* Efficient Implementation And Evaluation Of Reid'S Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Algorithm For Visual Tracking, An
* Efficient Implementation Of Reid'S Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Algorithm And Its Evaluation For The Purpose Of Visual Tracking, An
* Maximum Likelihood Stereo Algorithm, A

Hinkle, E. Co Author Listing * Experimental System For Disk Head Inspection, An

Hinkle, E.B. Co Author Listing * Computing Geometrical Features Of Digital Objects In General Purpose Image Processing Pipeline Architectures
* Image Analysis Methods For Solder-Ball Inspection In Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
* P3e: New Life For Projection-Based Image Processing
* Radon And Projection Transform-Based Computer Vision Algorithms, A Pipeline Architecture, And Industrial Applications, Springer
* Rule-Based System For Verifying Engineering Specifications In Industrial Visual Inspection Applications, A
* Simple Parallel Hierarchical And Relaxation Algorithms For Segmenting Textured Images Based On Noncausal Markovian Random Field Models

Hinoda, S. Co Author Listing * Eye-In-Hand: A New Scheme Of Real-Time Vision For Intelligent Robots

Hinrichs, K. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Model For Multiresolution Surface Reconstration, A
* Plane-Sweep Solves The Closest Pair Problem Elegantly

Hinton, G. Co Author Listing * Neuroanimator: Fast Neural Network Emolation And Control Of Physics-Based Models
* Proceedings Of The 1988 Connectionist Models Summer School, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo
* Solving Random-Dot Stereograms Using The Heat Equation

Hinton, G.E. Co Author Listing * Connectionist Architectures For Artificial Intelligence
* Connectionist Learning Procedures
* Learning Algorithm For Boltzmann Machines, A
* Shape Recognition And Illusory Conjunctions
* Symbols Among The Neurons: Details Of A Connectionist Inference Architecture

Hirai, T. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Small Moving Objects By Optical Flow

Hirai, Y. Co Author Listing * Model Of Human Associative Processor (Hasp), A
* Mutually Linked Hasps: A Solution For Constraint-Satisfaction Problems By Associative Processing
* Position Independent Pattern Matching By Neural Network

Hiramo, H. Co Author Listing * Study On The Speed Of Top-Down And Bottom-Up Df-Encoding/Decoding Algorithms For Binary Pictures, A

Hirano, A. Co Author Listing * Recovering 3d Shape And Texture From Continuous Focus Series: Using A Polarized Filter

Hirano, K. Co Author Listing * Design Of Digital Fan Filters

Hirano, Y. Co Author Listing * Extended Definition Tv

Hirasawa, K. Co Author Listing * Isp: A Dedicated Lsi For Gray Image Local Operations

Hirata, K. Co Author Listing * Sketch Retrieval Method For Full Color Image Database-Query By Visual Example, A

Hirata, T. Co Author Listing * Unified Linear-Time Algorithm For Computing Distance Maps, A

Hiriyannaiah, H.P. Co Author Listing * Moments Estimation In Radon Space

Hirose, K. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Lsi Isp-Iv Based On Local Parallel Architecture And Its Applications

Hirose, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Autonomous Systems (Ias-3: Pittsburgh, Pa, February 15-18, 1993), Ios Press

Hiroshima, T. Co Author Listing * Macsym: A Hierarchical Parallel Image Processing System For Event Driven Pattern Understanding Of Documents

Hirota, K. Co Author Listing * Fast Image Generation Of Constructive Solid Geometry Using A Cellular Array Processor
* Fuzzy Controlled Robot-Arm Manipulating A Moving Object/Mark On A Belt Conveyor
* Subjective Entropy Of Probabilistic Sets And Fuzzy Cluster Analysis

Hirronen, P. Co Author Listing * Houghtool--A Software Package For The Use Of The Hough Transform

Hirsch, B.E. Co Author Listing * User-Steered Image Segmentation Paradigms: Live Wire And Live Lane

Hirsch, E. Co Author Listing * From The Hough Transform To A New Approach For The Detection And Approximation Of Elliptical Arcs

Hirschberg, D.S. Co Author Listing * Data Compression

Hirschberg, I. Co Author Listing * Reconnaissance, Astronomy, Remote Sensing, And Photogrammetry (Los Angeles, Ca, January 19-20

Hirvonen, P. Co Author Listing * Comparisons Of Probabilistic And Non-Probabilistic Hough Transforms
* Extension To The Randomized Hough Transform Exploiting Connectivity, An
* Probabilistic And Non-Probabilistic Hough Transforms: Overview And Comparisons

Hirzinger, G. Co Author Listing * Active Self-Calibration Of Hand-Mounted Laser Range Finders
* Active Self-Calibration Of Robotic Eyes And Hand-Eye Relationships With Model Identification
* Application Of Affine-Invariant Fourier Descriptors To Recognition Of 3-D Objects
* Intensity And Feature Based Stereo Matching By Disparity Parametrization
* Learning Motion From Images
* Learning Shape From Shading By A Multilayer Network
* Parametric Shape-From-Shading By Radial Basis Functions
* Registration Of Cad-Models To Images By Iterative Inverse Perspective Matching
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Hisajima, T. Co Author Listing * Parts Of Planar Shapes

Hiura, S. Co Author Listing * Depth Measurement By The Multi-Focus Camera
* Eigen Space Approach For A Pose Detection With Range Images
* Real-Time Object Tracking By Rotating Range Sensor

Hiyane, M. Co Author Listing * Circle-Detection Algorithm Simulating Wave Propagation, A

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