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Ozaki, Y. Co Author Listing * Rule-Driven Processing And Recognition From Range Image

Ozawa, K. Co Author Listing * Picture Synthesizing System With A Database Of Semantic Picture Elements Of ``Ukiyoe'' Colour Wood-Printed Pictures, A
* Simulation Of Worn-Out Cloth Textures By Doubly Stochastic L-Systems
* Simulation Studies On Optical Illusions
* Texture Synthesis By L-Systems

Ozawa, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of A Road Image As Seen From A Vehicle
* Distance Measuring Method Using Only Simple Vision Constructed For Moving Robots
* Divide-And-Conquer Strategy In Shape From Shading Problem, A
* Extraction Of The Fair Document From Mixed Mode Manuscript
* Method Of Estimating The Target Position For An Image Tracking System Of Moving Targets, A
* Method Of Image Guided Vehicle Using White Line Recognition, A
* Synthesis Of A Road Image As Seen From A Vehicle
* Visual Navigation Of An Autonomous Vehicle Using White Line Recognition
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Ozbay, K. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Transportation Systems Pittsburgh, Pa, October 15-17

Ozbek, F.O. Co Author Listing * Parallel Hough Transform Algorithm For Nonuniform Images, A

Ozcan, E. Co Author Listing * Partial Shape Matching Using Genetic Algorithms

Ozeki, O. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Range Measurement Device For Three-Dimensional Object Recognition

Ozer, J. Co Author Listing * Video Compression For Multimedia, Academic Press

Ozery, N. Co Author Listing * Visual-Motion Fixation Invariant, A

Ozguc, B. Co Author Listing * Fast Ray Tracing 3d Models
* Free-Form Solid Modeling Using Deformations

Ozguner, F. Co Author Listing * Reconfiguration Algorithm For Fault Tolerance In A Hypercube Multiprocessor, A

Ozkan, M. Co Author Listing * Using Multiresolution And Multistreaming For Faster Access In Image Database Broadcast

Ozturk, C. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Alignment Using The Euclidean Distance Transform
* Structured Light Using Pseudorandom Codes

Ozturk, G. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Alignmentusing The Euclidean Distance Transform

Ozveren, C. Co Author Listing * Optimal Communication Algorithms For Hypercubes

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