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March 12-14 * First International Conference On Audio- And Video-Based Biometric Person Identification, Crans-Montana, Switzerland

March 13-15 * Ninth Workshop On Image And Multidimensional Signal Processing, Belize City, Belize, March 3-6, 1996. 135. Pcs '96, Picture Coding Symposium, Melbourne, Australia

March 13-16 * Vision Milestones 1995, Vorau, Austria

March 17 * Vision, Brain, And The Philosophy Of Cognition, Boston, Ma

March 18-22 * Theoretical Foundations Of Computer Vision (Dagstuhl Seminar Report 139

March 19-22 * Second International Conference On Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, And Robotics In Medicine, Grenoble, France

March 20-21 * 13th European Workshop On Computational Geometry, Wuerzberg, Germany

March 20-24 * Fuzz-Ieee, Fourth International Conference On Fuzzy Systems, Yokohama, Japan

March 22-24 * From Pixels To Sequences: Sensors, Algorithms, And Systems, Zurich, Switzerland

March 23-24 * Recpad '95, Seventh Annual Conference On Pattern Recognition, Aveiro, Portugal

March 23-25 * Workshop On Image-Based Modeling And Rendering, Stanford, Ca

March 24-26 * Aaai Spring Symposium On Intelligent Integration And Use Of Text, Image, Video And Audio Corpora, Stanford, Ca

March 25-27 * Cognitive And Computational Models Of Spatial Representation, Stanford, Ca
* Fourteenth European Workshop On Computational Geometry, Barcelona, Spain
* Ieee Computer Society Data Compression Conference, Snowbird, Ut
* Third Ifac Symposium On Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles, Madrid, Spain

March 26-27 * Workshop On Image Processing For The Medical Sciences, Aachen, Germany

March 28-29 * Twelfth European Workshop On Computational Geometry, Muenster, Germany

March 29-31 * Vdb3, Third Working Conference On Visual Database Systems, Lausanne, Switzerland

March 29-April 1 * Ieee Computer Society Data Compression Conference, Snowbird, Ut

March 3-7 * European Symposium On Optics And Optoelectronics For Public Safety Ii, Wiesbaden, Germany

March 30-31 * Symposium On Multi-Sensor Data Fusion, Atlanta, Ga

March 4-5 * Biologically Inspired Autonomous Systems: Computation, Cognition, And Control, Durham, Nc

MARCH(and) * Guest Ed., Computer Graphics Tokyo 85, Parts 1 And 2, Cga 5(3,4)

March(XX) * Multiresolution Textures From Image Sequences, Cg&A 172
* Virtual Human Representation And Communication In Vlnet, Cg&A 172

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