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PC 8() * Guest Eds., Proceedings Of The International Conference On Vector And Parallel Processors In Computational Science Iii (Liverpool, Uk, August 25-28, 1987)

PC(10) * Parallel Thinning Algorithm With Fine Grain Subtasking, A

PC(11) * Selection Of The First K Largest Processes In Hypercubes

PC(12) * Bit-Level Systolic Array For Digital Contour Smoothing, A
* Computing The Configuration Space For A Robot On A Mesh-Of-Processors
* Efficient Vlsi Architecture With Applications To Geometric Problems, An
* Parallel Computing 89 (Leiden, The Netherlands, August 29-September 1, 1989)

PC(13) * Parallel Algorithm For Finding Congruent Regions, A
* Programmable Systolic Device For Image Processing Based On Mathematical Morphology, A

PC(14) * Celip: A Cellular Language For Image Processing
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Neural Networks
* Supercomputing '89 (Reno, Nv, November 13-17, 1989)

PC(15) * Systolic Algorithm For Hidden Surface Removal, A

PC(16) * Deriving Asic Architectures For The Hough Transform

PC(17) * Comments On Broadcast Algorithms For Two-Dimensional Grids
* Optimization And Performance Analysis Of Thinning Algorithms On Parallel Computers
* Systolic Array With Applications To Image Processing And Wire-Routing In Vlsi Circuits, A

PC(18) * 1991 International Conference On Supercomputing (Cologne, Germany, June 17-21, 1991)
* Efficient Distributed Thinning Algorithm, An
* Finding Congruent Regions In Parallel
* Hierarchical Cellular Automata Structures
* Iterative Algorithms For The Planar Convex Hull Problems On Mesh-Connected Arrays
* Parallel Computing 91 (London, England, September 3-6, 1991)
* Parallel Enclosing Rectangle On Simd Machines
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PC(19) * Parallel Computation Of The Hausdorff Distance Between Images
* Parallel Implementation Of Associative Memories For Image Classification

PC(2) * Overview Of Parallel Processing
* Overview Of Parallel Processing Research In Japan
* Parallel Processing In Artificial Intelligence
* Taxonomy Of Parallel Processing And Definitions
* Two Parallel Algorithms For The Convex Hull Problem In A Two Dimensional Space

PC(21) * Efficient Algorithm For Complete Euclidean Distance Transform On Mesh-Connected Simd, An
* Parallel Image Processing Applications On A Network Of Workstations

PC(22) * Dynamic Load-Balancing Of Image Processing Applications On Clusters Of Workstations

PC(237) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Applications: Parallel Graphics And Visualisation

PC(3) * Fast Scan-Line Conversion Using Vectorisation
* Lattice Model For Cellular (Systolic) Algorithms, A
* Mapping Of 2-D Array Processors To 1-D Array Processors, The
* Two And Three Dimensional Ffts On Highly Parallel Computers

PC(6) * Systolic Algorithms For Computing The Visibility Polygon And Triangulation Of A Polygonal Region

PC(7) * Optimal Parallel Algorithm For Solving The Maximal Elements Problem In The Plane, An
* Parallel Matching And Reconstruction Algorithms In Computer Vision

PC(8) * Megacell Machine
* Neural Network Models
* Parallel Architecture Overview

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