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Areed, N.F.F.[Nihal F. F.] Co Author Listing * Age-invariant face recognition based on deep features analysis

Areekul, V.[Vutipong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive boosted spectral filtering for progressive fingerprint enhancement
* Directionally Weighted Distance for Minutiae-Triplets Preservation on Elastic Deformation of Fingerprint Recognition
* Efficient Iris Recognition Using Adaptive Quotient Thresholding
* Fast Separable Gabor Filter for Fingerprint Enhancement
* Fingerprint Enhancement Based on Discrete Cosine Transform
* Focal Point Detection Based on Half Concentric Lens Model for Singular Point Extraction in Fingerprint
* Improving Subpixel Classification by Incorporating Prior Information in Linear Mixture Models
* Iterative Fingerprint Enhancement with Matched Filtering and Quality Diffusion in Spatial-Frequency Domain
* Leaf classification based on a quadratic curved axis
* New Focal Point Localization Algorithm for Fingerprint Registration, The
* New Reference Point for Fingerprint Recognition, A
* Orientation Adapted Subband Image Compression
* Performance and Computational Complexity Comparison of Block-Based Fingerprint Enhancement
* Residual Analysis for Fingerprint Orientation Modeling
* Residual orientation modeling for fingerprint enhancement and singular point detection
* Robust Iris Segmentation Based on Local Image Gradient Properties
* Separable Gabor Filter Realization for Fast Fingerprint Enhancement
Includes: Areekul, V.[Vutipong] Areekul, V. Areekul, V.[Vuttipong]
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Areepongsa, S. Co Author Listing * Steganography for a Low Bit-rate Wavelet Based Image Coder

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