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Argialas, D.[Demetre] Co Author Listing * Integrating texture features into a region-based multi-scale image segmentation algorithm
* Object-based image analysis through nonlinear scale-space filtering
* Region Merging Segmentation with Local Scale Parameters: Applications to Spectral and Elevation Data, A
* Region-based Level Set Segmentation for Automatic Detection of Man-made Objects from Aerial and Satellite Images, A
Includes: Argialas, D.[Demetre] Argialas, D.[Demertre]

Argialas, D.P. Co Author Listing * Extraction and Delineation of Alluvial Fans from Digital Elevation Models and Landsat Thematic Mapper Images
* Identification of Urban Features Using Object-Oriented Image Analysis
* Object-Oriented Image Analysis for the Identification of Geologic Lineaments

Argiolas, R. Co Author Listing * From Lidar Data Towards HBIM for Structural Evaluation
* HBIM for Archaeological Sites: From Sfm Based Survey to Algorithmic Modeling

Argiro, D. Co Author Listing * Cantata: Visual Programming Environment for the Khoros System

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