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Atiq, H.M.[Hafiz Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Design and Development of an Image Processing Based Adaptive Traffic Control System with GSM Interface

Atiq, M.[Mounir] Co Author Listing * Data Set for Fall Detection with Smart Floor Sensors, A

Atique, L.[Luqman] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Vertically Distributed Aerosol Optical Properties over Pakistan Using CALIPSO Satellite Data, An
* Simplified and Robust Surface Reflectance Estimation Method (SREM) for Use over Diverse Land Surfaces Using Multi-Sensor Data, A

Atiquzzaman, M. Co Author Listing * Automated Colorization of a Grayscale Image With Seed Points Propagation
* Complete Line Segment Description Using the Hough Transform
* Congestion Control for Interactive Video-on-Demand over ATM
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Dependable Wireless Vehicular Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
* Guest Editorial: Adaptive Real-Time Multimedia Transmission over Packet Switching Networks
* Multiresolution Hough Transform -- An Efficient Method of Detecting Patterns in Images
* Parallel Pipeline Based Multiprocessor System for Real-Time Measurement of Road Traffic Parameters, A
* Pipelined Implementation of the Multiresolution Hough Transform in a Pyramid Multiprocessor
* System Design and Network Requirements for Interactive Multimedia
Includes: Atiquzzaman, M. Atiquzzaman, M.[Mohammed]
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