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Ayed, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * Balance Clinical Measurement Using RGBD Devices
* EP-Net: Learning Cardiac Electrophysiology Models for Physiology-Based Constraints in Data-Driven Predictions
Includes: Ayed, I.[Ines] Ayed, I.[Ibrahim]

Ayed, M.A.B.[Mohamed Ali Ben] Co Author Listing * Real-time H.264/AVC baseline decoder implementation on TMS320C6416

Ayed, N.G.B.[Norhen Gargouri Ben] Co Author Listing * LBPV descriptors-based automatic ACR/BIRADS classification approach

Ayedi, W.[Walid] Co Author Listing * Accordion Representation Based Multi-Scale Covariance Descriptor for Multi-shot Person Re-Identification
* fast multi-scale covariance descriptor for object re-identification, A
* Mono-camera person tracking based on template matching and covariance descriptor
* New Non Predictive Wavelet Based Video Coder: Performances Analysis
* Optimized Parallel Model of Covariance Based Person Detection
* Performance Evaluation of Multiscale Covariance Descriptor in Underwater Object Detection

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