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Baataoui, A.[Aziz] Co Author Listing * Dynamic mosaicking: combining A* algorithm with fractional Brownian motion for an optimal seamline detection

Baath, L.B.[Lars B.] Co Author Listing * To See What You Cannot See
Includes: Baath, L.B.[Lars B.] Bth, L.B.[Lars B.]

Baatz, G.[Georges] Co Author Listing * City-scale landmark identification on mobile devices
* Handling Urban Location Recognition as a 2D Homothetic Problem
* Image Based Geo-localization in the Alps
* Large Scale Visual Geo-Localization of Images in Mountainous Terrain
* Leveraging 3D City Models for Rotation Invariant Place-of-Interest Recognition
* Leveraging Topographic Maps for Image to Terrain Alignment

Baatz, M. Co Author Listing * And where does it come from?

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