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Batsalas, C.[Costas] Co Author Listing * Development and Evaluation of Text Localization Techniques Based on Structural Texture Features and Neural Classifiers

Batsaris, M. Co Author Listing * Efficiency And Effectiveness Approaches in Spatial Data Collection Of Vrisa After Lesvos Earthquake
* Protocol for Aerial Survey in Coastal Areas Using UAS, A
Includes: Batsaris, M. Batsaris, M.[Marios]

Batscheider, J. Co Author Listing * Inspire-konform 3d Building Model Of Bavaria Using Cadastre Information, Lidar And Image Matching, An

Batsos, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * CBMV: A Coalesced Bidirectional Matching Volume for Disparity Estimation
* RecResNet: A Recurrent Residual CNN Architecture for Disparity Map Enhancement
Includes: Batsos, K.[Konstantinos] Batsos, K.

Batstone, K. Co Author Listing * Trust No One: Low Rank Matrix Factorization Using Hierarchical RANSAC

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