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Bicheron, P. Co Author Listing * Geolocation Assessment of MERIS GlobCover Orthorectified Products

Bichinho, G.L.[Gerson Linck] Co Author Listing * CT slice retrieval by shape ellipses descriptors for skull repairing

Bichiou, Y. Co Author Listing * Developing an Optimal Intersection Control System for Automated Connected Vehicles
* Sliding Mode Network Perimeter Control
Includes: Bichiou, Y. Bichiou, Y.[Youssef]

Bichkar, R.S. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithmic Approach to the Detection of Subsurface Voids in Cross Hole Seismic Tomography
* Tomographic Reconstruction of Circular and Elliptical Objects Using Genetic Algorithm

Bichler, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Disentangled Loss for Low-Bit Quantization-Aware Training

Bichler, Z.[Zoe] Co Author Listing * Lie-X: Depth Image Based Articulated Object Pose Estimation, Tracking, and Action Recognition on Lie Groups
Includes: Bichler, Z.[Zoe] Bichler, Z.[ZoŽ]

Bichlmeier, C. Co Author Listing * Virtual Mirror: A New Interaction Paradigm for Augmented Reality Environments, The

Bichon, C. Co Author Listing * Precise Localization of Landmarks on 3D Faces using Gabor Wavelets

Bichon, M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Adaptive Quantization Based on Temporal Distortion Propagation Model for HEVC

Bichot, C.E.[Charles Edmond] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of video activity localizations integrating quality and quantity measurements
* Graph-based image segmentation using weighted color patch
* graph-cut approach to image segmentation using an affinity graph based on L0-sparse representation of features, A
* Image region description using orthogonal combination of local binary patterns enhanced with color information
* Kite Recognition by Means of Graph Matching
* Local binary circumferential and radial derivative pattern for texture classification
* Multi-scale Color Local Binary Patterns for Visual Object Classes Recognition
* Multimodal recognition of visual concepts using histograms of textual concepts and selective weighted late fusion scheme
* Pixel to Patch Sampling Structure and Local Neighboring Intensity Relationship Patterns for Texture Classification
* Selective Weighted Late Fusion for Visual Concept Recognition, A
* Visual object recognition using local binary patterns and segment-based feature
Includes: Bichot, C.E.[Charles Edmond] Bichot, C.E.[Charles-Edmond] Bichot, C.E.[Charles-Edmont] Bichot, C.E.
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Bichsel, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Analyzing a Scene's Picture Set under Varying Lighting
* Automatic interpolation and recognition of face images by morphing
* Extracting Shape from Shading
* Hierarchical Probability Estimation
* Human Face Recognition and Face Image Set's Topology
* Illumination Invariant Motion Segmentation of Simple Connected Objects
* Illumination invariant object recognition
* Segmenting Simply Connected Moving-Objects In A Static Scene
* Simple Algorithm for Shape for Shading, A
* Strategies of Robust Object Recognition for Automatic Identification of Human Faces
Includes: Bichsel, M.[Martin] Bichsel, M.
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