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Bijelic, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Gated Stereo: Joint Depth Estimation from Gated and Wide-Baseline Active Stereo Cues
* Gated2Depth: Real-Time Dense Lidar From Gated Images
* Gated2Gated: Self-Supervised Depth Estimation from Gated Images
* Gated3D: Monocular 3D Object Detection From Temporal Illumination Cues
* LiDAR Snowfall Simulation for Robust 3D Object Detection
* LiDAR-in-the-Loop Hyperparameter Optimization
* Pixel-Accurate Depth Evaluation in Realistic Driving Scenarios
* ScatterNeRF: Seeing Through Fog with Physically-Based Inverse Neural Rendering
* Seeing Through Fog Without Seeing Fog: Deep Multimodal Sensor Fusion in Unseen Adverse Weather
* ZeroScatter: Domain Transfer for Long Distance Imaging and Vision through Scattering Media
Includes: Bijelic, M.[Mario] Bijelic, M.
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