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Boshra, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Accommodating uncertainty in pixel-based verification of 3-D object hypotheses
* Bounding Fundamental Performance of Feature-Based Object Recognition
* Constraint-Satisfaction Approach for 3-D Object Recognition by Integrating 2-D and 3-D Data, A
* indexing scheme for efficient data-driven verification of 3D pose hypotheses, An
* Localizing a polyhedral object in a robot hand by integrating visual and tactile data
* Logical Templates for Feature Extraction in Fingerprint Images
* Performance Prediction and Validation for Object Recognition
* Predicting object recognition performance under data uncertainty, occlusion and clutter
* Predicting Performance of Object Recognition
* Recognition of occluded polyhedra from range images
Includes: Boshra, M.[Michael] Boshra, M.
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Boshtayeva, M.[Madina] Co Author Listing * focus fusion framework with anisotropic depth map smoothing, A
* Focus Fusion with Anisotropic Depth Map Smoothing

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