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Bribiesca Contreras, G.[Guadalupe] Co Author Listing * 2D tree object representation via the slope chain code
Includes: Bribiesca Contreras, G.[Guadalupe] Bribiesca-Contreras, G.[Guadalupe]

Bribiesca, E.[Ernesto] Co Author Listing * 2D tree object representation via the slope chain code
* Arithmetic operations among shapes using shape numbers
* chain code for representing 3D curves, A
* Detection of a polymorphic Mesoamerican symbol using a rule-based approach
* Digital Elevation Model Data Analysis Using the Contact Surface Area
* easy measure of compactness for 2D and 3D shapes, An
* Efficiency of chain codes to represent binary objects
* Geometric Structure for Two-Dimensional Shapes and Three-Dimensional Surfaces, A
* How to Describe Pure Form and How to Measure Differences in Shapes Using Shape Numbers
* measure of tortuosity based on chain coding, A
* Measuring 2-D Shape Compactness Using the Contact Perimeter
* Measuring 3-D Shape Similarity Using Progressive Transformations
* method for representing 3D tree objects using chain coding, A
* method of optimum transformation of 3D objects used as a measure of shape dissimilarity, A
* Mirror symmetry detection in curves represented by means of the Slope Chain Code
* new chain code, A
* Representation of enclosing surfaces from simple voxelized objects by means of a chain code
* Shape Description and Shape Similarity Measurement for Two-Dimensional Regions
* Surface trees: Representation of boundary surfaces using a tree descriptor
* Symmetry detection in 3D chain coded discrete curves and trees
* Valence Normalized Spatial Median for skeletonization and matching
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