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Budvytis, I.[Ignas] Co Author Listing * CNN Based Approach for the Point-Light Photometric Stereo Problem, A
* Efficient Large-scale Localization by Global Instance Recognition
* Efficient Large-scale Semantic Visual Localization in 2d Maps
* Estimating and Exploiting the Aleatoric Uncertainty in Surface Normal Estimation
* Hierarchical Kinematic Probability Distributions for 3D Human Shape and Pose Estimation from Images in the Wild
* HuManiFlow: Ancestor-Conditioned Normalising Flows on SO(3) Manifolds for Human Pose and Shape Distribution Estimation
* IMP: Iterative Matching and Pose Estimation with Adaptive Pooling
* Label propagation in complex video sequences using semi-supervised learning
* Large Scale Labelled Video Data Augmentation for Semantic Segmentation in Driving Scenarios
* Lifted Semantic Graph Embedding for Omnidirectional Place Recognition
* Making a Shallow Network Deep: Conversion of a Boosting Classifier into a Decision Tree by Boolean Optimisation
* Making a Shallow Network Deep: Growing a Tree from Decision Regions of a Boosting Classifier
* Mixture of Trees Probabilistic Graphical Model for Video Segmentation
* MoT: Mixture of Trees Probabilistic Graphical Model for Video Segmentation
* Multi-View Depth Estimation by Fusing Single-View Depth Probability with Multi-View Geometry
* Neural Height-Map Approach for the Binocular Photometric Stereo Problem, A
* Probabilistic 3D Human Shape and Pose Estimation from Multiple Unconstrained Images in the Wild
* PX-NET: Simple and Efficient Pixel-Wise Training of Photometric Stereo Networks
* Rotation Equivariant Orientation Estimation for Omnidirectional Localization
* Semi-Supervised Video Segmentation Using Tree Structured Graphical Models
* SFD2: Semantic-Guided Feature Detection and Description
Includes: Budvytis, I.[Ignas] Budvytis, I.
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