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Buera, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * DANTE Speaker Recognition Module. An Efficient and Robust Automatic Speaker Searching Solution for Terrorism-Related Scenarios
* Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Using PD-MEEMLIN

Buerger, C. Co Author Listing * Cardiac Respiratory Motion Modelling by Simultaneous Registration and Modelling from Dynamic MRI Images
* Nonrigid Motion Modeling of the Liver From 3-D Undersampled Self-Gated Golden-Radial Phase Encoded MRI

Buerger, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Gabor Filter-Based Segmentation of Railroad Radargrams for Improved Rail Track Condition Assessment: Preliminary Studies and Future Perspectives

Buerke, B. Co Author Listing * Segmentation-Based Partial Volume Correction for Volume Estimation of Solid Lesions in CT

Buerkert, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Vegetable Crop Parameter by Multi-temporal UAV-Borne Images
* Filling the voids in the SRTM elevation model: A TIN-based delta surface approach
* Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Urban Wetlands in an Indian Megacity over the Past 50 Years
* Transformation of Agricultural Landscapes and Its Consequences for Natural Forests in Southern Myanmar within the Last 40 Years

Buerki, A. Co Author Listing * Idiom-Based Features in Sentiment Analysis: Cutting the Gordian Knot

Buermann, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Multi-robot adversarial patrolling strategies via lattice paths

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