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Chaffe, P.L.B.[Pedro L. B.] Co Author Listing * Recent Advancement in Remote Sensing Technology for Hydrology Analysis and Water Resources Management

Chafik, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Random Forest-cellular Automata Modeling Approach to Predict Future Forest Cover Change in Middle Atlas Morocco, Under Anthropic, Biotic and Abiotic Parameters, A

Chafik, L.[Leon] Co Author Listing * Stable Water Isotopologues in the Stratosphere Retrieved from Odin/SMR Measurements
Includes: Chafik, L.[Leon] Chafik, L.[Léon]

Chafik, S.[Sanaa] Co Author Listing * Classifying All Interacting Pairs in a Single Shot

Chafiqui, N. Co Author Listing * Implementation of a 3D Vision System on DSPs TMS320C31

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