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Chtourou, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * ALTID : Arabic/Latin Text Images Database for recognition research
* Person re-identification based on gait via Part View Transformation Model under variable covariate conditions

Chtourou, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * CT scan contrast enhancement using singular value decomposition and adaptive gamma correction

Chtourou, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Design of fuzzy inference system for apple ripeness estimation using gradient method
* Face recognition based on perceived facial images and multilayer perceptron neural network using constructive training algorithm
* Robust visual servoing using global features based on random process
Includes: Chtourou, M.[Mohamed] Chtourou, M.

Chtourou, Z.[Zied] Co Author Listing * Hot spot method for pedestrian detection using saliency maps, discrete Chebyshev moments and support vector machine
* Machine Vision Based Quality Monitoring in Olive Oil Conditioning

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