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Chubach, O. Co Author Listing * Analysis/synthesis coding of dynamic textures based on motion distribution statistics
* Texture analysis and synthesis using steerable pyramid decomposition for video coding

Chubb, D.W.J. Co Author Listing * Introduction and Analysis of a Straight Line Path Algorithm for Use in Binary Domains, An

Chubb, H.[Henry] Co Author Listing * Left Atrial Segmentation from 3D Respiratory- and ECG-gated Magnetic Resonance Angiography
* Novel MRI Technique Enables Non-Invasive Measurement of Atrial Wall Thickness
* Personalization of Atrial Electrophysiology Models from Decapolar Catheter Measurements
* Virtual Catheter Ablation of Target Areas Identified from Image-Based Models of Atrial Fibrillation
Includes: Chubb, H.[Henry] Chubb, H.

Chubey, M.S.[Michael S.] Co Author Listing * Object-based Analysis of Ikonos-2 Imagery for Extraction of Forest Inventory Parameters

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