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Demmel, J. Co Author Listing * Fast L_1-SPIRiT Compressed Sensing Parallel Imaging MRI: Scalable Parallel Implementation and Clinically Feasible Runtime

Demmel, N.[Nikolaus] Co Author Listing * Direct Sparse Odometry with Rolling Shutter
* Distributed Photometric Bundle Adjustment
* Double Sphere Camera Model, The
* Efficient Derivative Computation for Cumulative B-Splines on Lie Groups
* Interactive Multi-label Segmentation of RGB-D Images
* Probabilistic Normal Epipolar Constraint for Frame-To-Frame Rotation Optimization under Uncertain Feature Positions, The
* Square Root Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale Reconstruction
* Square Root Marginalization for Sliding-Window Bundle Adjustment
Includes: Demmel, N.[Nikolaus] Demmel, N.
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Demmel, S. Co Author Listing * Fuel consumption and gas emissions of an automatic transmission vehicle following simple eco-driving instructions on urban roads

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