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Dipanda, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * 3-D shape reconstruction in an active stereo vision system using genetic algorithms
* Application of Deep Learning Architectures for Satellite Image Time Series Prediction: A Review
* Application of Genetic Algorithms to 3-D Shape Reconstruction in an Active Stereo Vision System
* Convex Approximation of Regularization Models for Motion Estimation with Markov Random Fields, A
* Hand pose estimation and tracking in real and virtual interaction: A review
* Matching Lines and Points in an Active Stereo Vision System Using Genetic Algorithms
* Representing plane closed curves with Hartley descriptors
* Segmentation of echocardiographic images
* Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing
* Structured light system configuration determination for efficient 3d surface reconstruction
* Toward a real-time tracking of dense point-sampled geometry
* Towards a real-time 3D shape reconstruction using a structured light system
* Using Fourier local magnitude in adaptive smoothness constraints in motion estimation
Includes: Dipanda, A.[Albert] Dipanda, A.
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