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Edler, B. Co Author Listing * Audio Coding Using Overlap and Kernel Adaptation
* Frequency Domain Long-Term Prediction for Low Delay General Audio Coding
* Motion-And Aliasing-Compensated Prediction Using a Two-Dimensional Non-Separable Adaptive Wiener Interpolation Filter
* Nonuniform Orthogonal Filterbanks Based on MDCT Analysis/Synthesis and Time-Domain Aliasing Reduction
* Prediction of DCT coefficients considering motion compensation error distributions
* Tests on MPEG-4 audio codec proposals
* Time-Varying Time-Frequency Tilings Using Non-Uniform Orthogonal Filterbanks Based on MDCT Analysis/Synthesis and Time Domain Aliasing Reduction
* unified approach to lapped orthogonal transforms, A
Includes: Edler, B. Edler, B.[Bernd]
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Edler, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * Aesthetics and Cartography: Post-Critical Reflections on Deviance in and of Representations
* Effects of Virtual Reality Locomotion Techniques on Distance Estimations
* Multi-Perspective View on Immersive Virtual Environments (IVEs), A
* Reduction of Map Information Regulates Visual Attention without Affecting Route Recognition Performance

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