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Ehrlich, D. Co Author Listing * European Framework for Recording and Sharing Disaster Damage and Loss Data, A
* Performance measures for object detection evaluation
* Remote Sensing Derived Built-Up Area and Population Density to Quantify Global Exposure to Five Natural Hazards over Time
* Urbanization analysis by mutual information based change detection between SPOT 5 panchromatic images
* Vehicles Detection from Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Includes: Ehrlich, D. Ehrlich, D.[Daniele]

Ehrlich, M.[Max] Co Author Listing * Action-Affect-Gender Classification Using Multi-task Representation Learning
* Deep Residual Learning in the JPEG Transform Domain
* Facial Attributes Classification Using Multi-task Representation Learning
* Quantization Guided JPEG Artifact Correction
* Stacked U-Nets for Ground Material Segmentation in Remote Sensing Imagery
Includes: Ehrlich, M.[Max] Ehrlich, M.

Ehrlich, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Strategies for Segmentation of Blue-Dyed Pores in Thin Sections of Reservoir Rocks

Ehrlich, U.[Uri] Co Author Listing * Adaptive shape prior for recognition and variational segmentation of degraded historical characters
* speech understanding and dialog system with a homogeneous linguistic knowledge base, A
Includes: Ehrlich, U.[Uri] Ehrlich, U.

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