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Fattahi, H. Co Author Listing * DEM Error Correction in InSAR Time Series
* InSAR Time-Series Estimation of the Ionospheric Phase Delay: An Extension of the Split Range-Spectrum Technique
* Network-Based Enhanced Spectral Diversity Approach for TOPS Time-Series Analysis, A

Fattahi, L.E. Co Author Listing * Clustering based on density estimation using variable kernel and maximum entropy principle

Fattal, A.K.[Ann Katrin] Co Author Listing * Distant Vehicle Detection: How Well Can Region Proposal Networks Cope with Tiny Objects at Low Resolution?
Includes: Fattal, A.K.[Ann Katrin] Fattal, A.K.[Ann-Katrin]

Fattal, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Large color gamut displays with diffraction gratings

Fattal, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic recovery of the atmospheric light in hazy images
* Blur-Kernel Estimation from Spectral Irregularities
* Deblurring Using Analysis-Synthesis Networks Pair
* Detecting Repeating Objects Using Patch Correlation Analysis
* Edge-avoiding wavelets and their applications
* Edge-based image coarsening
* Edge-preserving decompositions for multi-scale tone and detail manipulation
* Gradient domain high dynamic range compression
* Image upsampling via texture hallucination
* Multiscale shape and detail enhancement from multi-light image collections
Includes: Fattal, R. Fattal, R.[Raanan]
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Fattoruso, G.[Grazia] Co Author Listing * SISI Project: Developing GIS-Based Tools for Vulnerability Assessment

Fattouche, M. Co Author Listing * OFDM Transmission for Time-Based Range Estimation

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