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Foul, A.[Abdelaziz] Co Author Listing * COVID-19 and Rumors: A Dynamic Nested Optimal Control Model

Fouladgaran, M.P.[Maryam Panjeh] Co Author Listing * Automated Counting and Characterization of Dirt Particles in Pulp

Fouladi Ghaleh, K.[Kazim] Co Author Listing * Generalizable and efficient cross-domain person re-identification model using deep metric learning
Includes: Fouladi Ghaleh, K.[Kazim] Fouladi-Ghaleh, K.[Kazim]

Fouladi, A. Co Author Listing * Motion-Extended Array Synthesis: Part II: Experimental Validation

Fouladi, K.[Kazim] Co Author Listing * Deep Multitask Metric Learning for Offline Signature Verification
* fast and accurate contour-based method for writer-dependent offline handwritten Farsi/Arabic subwords recognition, A
* Model-based Persian calligraphy synthesis via learning to transfer templates to personal styles
* Toward automatic development of handwritten personal Farsi/Arabic OpenType fonts
* UTSig: A Persian offline signature dataset
Includes: Fouladi, K.[Kazim] Fouladi, K.

Fouladinejad, F. Co Author Listing * Discrimination Aerosol Form Clouds Using Cats-iss Lidar Observations Based On Random Forest and Svm Algorithms Over The Eastern Part Of Middle East
* History and Applications of Space-borne Lidars

Foulds, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Color and three-dimensional vision-based assistive telemanipulation
* Distributed output encoding for multi-class pattern recognition
* Recognition Approach to Gesture Language Understanding, A
* Toward robust skin identification in video images
Includes: Foulds, R.[Richard] Foulds, R.

Foulk, G.[Gene] Co Author Listing * Gesture-controlled interfaces for self-service machines and other applications

Foulkes, P.W. Co Author Listing * Towards Infrared Image Understanding

Foulloy, L. Co Author Listing * Hey Robot... Looking for Cones?

Foulon, B. Co Author Listing * Earth's Energy Imbalance Measured From Space

Foulon, G. Co Author Listing * AI4GEO: A Data Intelligence Platform for 3d Geospatial Mapping

Foulon, P. Co Author Listing * JEMImE: A Serious Game to Teach Children with ASD How to Adequately Produce Facial Expressions

Foulonneau, A.[Alban] Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant Geometric Shape Priors for Region-Based Active Contours
* Affine-Invariant Multi-reference Shape Priors for Active Contours
* Geometric shape priors for region-based active contours
* High-Speed Acquisition and Pre-processing of Polarimetric Image Sequences
* Multi-Reference Shape Priors for Active Contours

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