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Gezer, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Compression of the biomedical images using quadtree-based partitioned universally classified energy and pattern blocks

Gezer, N.S.[Naciye S.] Co Author Listing * Super U-Net: A modularized generalizable architecture

Gezerlis, V.G.[Velissarios G.] Co Author Listing * Optical character recognition of the Orthodox Hellenic Byzantine Music notation
* Optical Music Recognition System for the Notation of the Orthodox Hellenic Byzantine Music, An

Gezero, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Automated Road Curb Break Lines Extraction from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Efficient Method to Create Digital Terrain Models From Point Clouds Collected By Mobile Lidar Systems, An
* Registration Method of Point Clouds Collected By Mobile Lidar Using Solely Standard Las Files Information, A
* Road Rutting Measurement Using Mobile LiDAR Systems Point Cloud
Includes: Gezero, L.[Luis] Gézero, L.[Luis] Gézero, L.

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