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Golyanik, V.[Vladislav] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes from Monocular Image Sequences with Severe Occlusions
* Dense Batch Non-Rigid Structure from Motion in a Second
* Extended coherent point drift algorithm with correspondence priors and optimal subsampling
* framework for an accurate point cloud based registration of full 3D human body scans, A
* Gravitational Approach for Point Set Registration
* Improving Time-of-Flight Sensor for Specular Surfaces with Shape from Polarization
* Joint pre-alignment and robust rigid point set registration
* NRGA: Gravitational Approach for Non-rigid Point Set Registration
* NRSfM-Flow: Recovering Non-Rigid Scene Flow from Monocular Image Sequences
* Occlusion-aware video registration for highly non-rigid objects
* Towards scheduling hard real-time image processing tasks on a single GPU
Includes: Golyanik, V.[Vladislav] Golyanik, V.
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