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Gubbi, J.[Jayavardhana] Co Author Listing * Automatic visual speech segmentation and recognition using directional motion history images and Zernike moments
* ChangeNet: A Deep Learning Architecture for Visual Change Detection
* Crowd Event Detection on Optical Flow Manifolds
* DAtRNet: Disentangling Fashion Attribute Embedding for Substitute Item Retrieval
* Detection of Anomalous Crowd Behaviour Using Hyperspherical Clustering
* Determination of Object Directions Using Optical Flow for Crowd Monitoring
* Estimation of crowd density by clustering motion cues
* Frame Stitching in Indoor Environment Using Drone Captured Images
* Head detection using motion features and multi level pyramid architecture
* Learning Efficiently- The Deep CNNs-Tree Network
* new deep learning architecture for detection of long linear infrastructure, A
* Probabilistic Detection of Crowd Events on Riemannian Manifolds
* Robust markers for visual navigation using Reed-Solomon codes
* Spatio-temporal action detection and localization using a hierarchical LSTM
* STP-Net: Spatio-Temporal Polarization Network for action recognition using polarimetric videos
* Video action re-localization using spatio-temporal correlation
* Visual Change Detection Using Multiscale Super Pixel
Includes: Gubbi, J.[Jayavardhana] Gubbi, J.
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Gubbi, M. Co Author Listing * In Vivo Demonstration of Photoacoustic Image Guidance and Robotic Visual Servoing for Cardiac Catheter-Based Interventions

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