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Gulsan, H. Co Author Listing * Generation of Gigapixel Orthophoto for the Maintenance of Complex Buildings. Challenges and Lesson Learnt

Gulshan, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Geodesic star convexity for interactive image segmentation
* Humanising GrabCut: Learning to segment humans using the Kinect
* Implementation of the Self-Similarity Descriptor
* Multiple kernels for object detection

Gulsrud, T.O.[Thor Ole] Co Author Listing * Detection of clustered microcalcifications in compressed mammograms
* Image Texture Classification with Digital Filter Banks and Transforms
* Optimal Filter for Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications
* Watermarking of digital mammograms without interfering with automatic detection of microcalcifications
Includes: Gulsrud, T.O.[Thor Ole] Gulsrud, T.O.

Gulsun, M.A.[M. Akif] Co Author Listing * Geometric modeling of tubular structures

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