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Haro Carrion, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Landscape Structure and Seasonality: Effects on Wildlife Species Richness and Occupancy in a Fragmented Dry Forest in Coastal Ecuador
* Understanding Land Cover Change in a Fragmented Forest Landscape in a Biodiversity Hotspot of Coastal Ecuador
Includes: Haro Carrion, X.[Xavier] Haro-Carrión, X.[Xavier]

Haro, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Detecting and Tracking Eyes by using their Physiological Properties, Dynamics, and Appearance
* Learning video processing by example
* Mobile Camera-Based User Interaction
* User-guided pedestrian and object removal
Includes: Haro, A.[Antonio] Haro, A.

Haro, B.B.[Benjamin Bejar] Co Author Listing * Representation Learning on Visual-Symbolic Graphs for Video Understanding
Includes: Haro, B.B.[Benjamin Bejar] Haro, B.B.[Benjamín Béjar]

Haro, G. Co Author Listing * Always Look On The Bright Side Of The Field: Merging Pose And Contextual Data To Estimate Orientation Of Soccer Players
* Analysis and Speedup of the FALDOI Method for Optical Flow Estimation, An
* Bayesian foreground segmentation and tracking using pixel-wise background model and region based foreground model
* Computational Model for Amodal Completion, A
* Deep Single Image Camera Calibration With Radial Distortion
* DIP-VBTV: A Color Image Restoration Model Combining a Deep Image Prior and a Vector Bundle Total Variation
* Enhanced foreground segmentation and tracking combining Bayesian background, shadow and foreground modeling
* FALDOI: A New Minimization Strategy for Large Displacement Variational Optical Flow
* Motion Inpainting by an Image-Based Geodesic AMLE Method
* Obtaining High Quality Photographs of Paintings by Image Fusion
* On Anisotropic Optical Flow Inpainting Algorithms
* On geometric variational models for inpainting surface holes
* Photographing Paintings by Image Fusion
* Regularized Mixed Dimensionality and Density Learning in Computer Vision
* Rotation-Invariant Regularization Term for Optical Flow Related Problems, A
* Shape from incomplete silhouettes based on the reprojection error
* Shape from Silhouette Consensus
* Shape from silhouette consensus and photo-consistency
* Translated Poisson Mixture Model for Stratification Learning
* Using Player's Body-Orientation to Model Pass Feasibility in Soccer
* Visual Acuity in Day for Night
* Visual Music Transcription of Clarinet Video Recordings Trained with Audio-Based Labelled Data
* VoViT: Low Latency Graph-Based Audio-Visual Voice Separation Transformer
Includes: Haro, G. Haro, G.[Gloria]
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Haro, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Water Quality and Water Hyacinth Monitoring with the Sentinel-2A/B Satellites in Lake Tana (Ethiopia)

Harol, A.[Artsiom] Co Author Listing * Augmented Embedding of Dissimilarity Data into (Pseudo-)Euclidean Spaces
* Non-Euclidean or Non-metric Measures Can Be Informative
* On Euclidean Corrections for Non-Euclidean Dissimilarities

Haron, C.H.C.[Che Hassan Che] Co Author Listing * Visualization of the Newly Designed Jig and Fixture for Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Haron, F.[Fazilah] Co Author Listing * Automated Image-Based Approach for Tracking Pedestrian Movements from Top-View Video, An

Haron, H.[Habibollah] Co Author Listing * Applying NURBS Surfaces Approximation with Different Parameterization Methods on CKSOM Model Closed Surfaces Data
* Intake and Preparation of Malay Confinement Dietary Ontology Framework
* Logical Heuristic Algorithm in Extracting 2D Structure Thinned Binary Image into Freeman Chain Code (FCC)
Includes: Haron, H.[Habibollah] Haron, H.[Haryani]

Haron, M.B.C.[Mohammad Bakri Che] Co Author Listing * Intake and Preparation of Malay Confinement Dietary Ontology Framework

Haroon Rasheed, A. Co Author Listing * Learning to Measure the Static Friction Coefficient in Cloth Contact

Haroon, H.A. Co Author Listing * Using the Model-Based Residual Bootstrap to Quantify Uncertainty in Fiber Orientations From Q-Ball Analysis

Haroon, U.[Umair] Co Author Listing * Multi-Stream Sequence Learning Framework for Human Interaction Recognition, A

Harouche, E. Co Author Listing * Noisy Image Restoration by Cost Function Minimization

Haroun, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Testing Side-Scan Sonar and Multibeam Echosounder to Study Black Coral Gardens: A Case Study from Macaronesia

Haroun, T.[Tamim] Co Author Listing * Robust Multiple Hypothesis Motion Compensated Prediction within the H.264/AVC standard

Harouni, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Cursive multilingual characters recognition based on hard geometric features

Harous, S.[Saad] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Bandwidth Prediction Models and Automated Model Selection for Low Latency
* SDNHAS: An SDN-Enabled Architecture to Optimize QoE in HTTP Adaptive Streaming

Haroush, M. Co Author Listing * Knowledge Within: Methods for Data-Free Model Compression, The

Haroz, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Layout of Multiple Views for Volume Visualization: A User Study

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