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Hati, A. Co Author Listing * Co-Segmentation of Non-Homogeneous Image Sets
* Image Co-segmentation Using Maximum Common Subgraph Matching and Region Co-growing
* image texture insensitive method for saliency detection, An
* Salient object carving
* Weakly Supervised Geodesic Segmentation of Egyptian Mummy CT Scans
Includes: Hati, A. Hati, A.[Avik]

Hati, K.K. Co Author Listing * Intensity Range Based Background Subtraction for Effective Object Detection

Hati, S.[Subhas] Co Author Listing * IR and visible face recognition using fusion of kernel based features
* Robust camera parameter estimation using genetic algorithm
Includes: Hati, S.[Subhas] Hati, S.

Hatimi, H. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using a Fuzzy Approach and a Multi-agent System from Video Sequences

Hatimi, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * new heuristic search for boundary detection, A

Hatipoglu, B.[Bahar] Co Author Listing * signal-to-image transformation approach for EEG and MEG signal classification, A

Hatipoglu, N. Co Author Listing * Classification of histopathological images using convolutional neural network

Hatipoglu, S. Co Author Listing * Image Texture Description Using Complex Wavelet Transform

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