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Hebbalaguppe, R. Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing for Chromosome Segmentation and Deep Classification
* DrawInAir: A Lightweight Gestural Interface Based on Fingertip Regression
* Hand Gesture Based Region Marking for Tele-Support Using Wearables
* How interaction methods affect image segmentation: User experience in the task
* method for fusing a pair of images in the JPEG domain, A
* Pedestrian Detection via Mixture of CNN Experts and Thresholded Aggregated Channel Features
* Real Time Hand Segmentation on Frugal Headmounted Device for Gestural Interface
* Reduction of false alarms triggered by spiders/cobwebs in surveillance camera networks
* Robust Hand Gestural Interaction for Smartphone Based AR/VR Applications
* Telecom Inventory Management via Object Recognition and Localisation on Google Street View Images
* Where to Place: A Real-Time Visual Saliency Based Label Placement for Augmented Reality Applications
Includes: Hebbalaguppe, R. Hebbalaguppe, R.[Ramya]
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Hebble, T. Co Author Listing * From the Lab to the Real World: Re-identification in an Airport Camera Network

Hebblewhite, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Linking Phenological Indices from Digital Cameras in Idaho and Montana to MODIS NDVI

Hebborn, A.K.[Anna Katharina] Co Author Listing * Particle Filter Based Tracking and Mapping

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