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Herd, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Comparison and Verification of Optical 3-D Surface Measurement Systems
* Experiences With 3d Reference Bodies For Quality Assessment Of Free-form Surface Measurements
Includes: Herd, B.[Benjamin] Herd, B.

Herd, J.S. Co Author Listing * Evolution to Modern Phased Array Architectures, The

Herda, L. Co Author Listing * automatic method for determining quaternion field boundaries for ball-and-socket joint limits, An
* Hierarchical implicit surface joint limits for human body tracking
* Hierarchical Implicit Surface Joint Limits to Constrain Video-Based Motion Capture
Includes: Herda, L. Herda, L.[Lorna]

Herdade, S.[Simao] Co Author Listing * Unifying Margin-Based Softmax Losses in Face Recognition

Herde, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Multi-Annotator Probabilistic Active Learning
* Separation of Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty in Deterministic Deep Neural Networks

Herdegen, D. Co Author Listing * Identity dominance: Using fingerprints to link an individual to a larger social structure

Herdegen, D.W. Co Author Listing * Exploring the uses of fingerprint patterns and ridge-counts in biographical associations

Herdies, D.L.[Dirceu Luis] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the First Optical Detection of a Meteoroidal Impact on the Lunar Surface Recorded from Brazil
* Evaluating Carbon Monoxide and Aerosol Optical Depth Simulations from CAM-Chem Using Satellite Observations
* Towards Unified Online-Coupled Aerosol Parameterization for the Brazilian Global Atmospheric Model (BAM): Aerosol-Cloud Microphysical-Radiation Interactions
Includes: Herdies, D.L.[Dirceu Luis] Herdies, D.L.[Dirceu Luís]

Herdin, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Use of SPOT and NOAA-AVHRR Data for Vegetation Monitoring

Herding, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Towards NGGM: Laser Tracking Instrument for the Next Generation of Gravity Missions

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