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Hinami, R. Co Author Listing * Audience Behavior Mining: Integrating TV Ratings with Multimedia Content
* Bidirectional extraction and recognition of scene text with layout consistency
* Joint Detection and Recounting of Abnormal Events by Learning Deep Generic Knowledge
* Large-Scale R-CNN with Classifier Adaptive Quantization
* Painting Style-Aware Manga Colorization Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Hinami, R. Hinami, R.[Ryota]

Hinamoto, T.[Takao] Co Author Listing * Design of Adaptive Stack filters Using Pattern Classification, A
* Edge-Preserving Smoothing by Adaptive Nonlinear Filters Based on Fuzzy Control Laws
* Extraction of trabecular structures of mandible excluding tooth roots on dental panoramic radiographs using mathematical morphology
* Image restoration using layered neural networks and Hopfield networks
* new realization of adaptive weighted median filters using counter propagation networks, A
* Primitive and Point Configuration Texture Model and Primitive Estimation Using Mathematical Morphology
* Spatial-Domain Design of a Class of Two-Dimensional Recursive Digital Filters
* Special Section on Digital Signal-Processing: Foreword
Includes: Hinamoto, T.[Takao] Hinamoto, T.
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Hinata, H.[Hirofumi] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Tsunami Detection with Oceanographic Radar Based on Virtual Tsunami Observation Experiments

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