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Hontan, H.[Hidetaka] Co Author Listing * Alignment and Morphing for the Boundary Curves of Anatomical Organs
* Mean Boundary Curve of Anatomical Objects, The
Includes: Hontan, H.[Hidetaka] Hontan, H.[Hidekata]

Hontani, H. Co Author Listing * 3d Fundus Pattern Reconstruction and Display from Multiple Fundus Images
* 3D Fundus Shape Reconstruction and Display from Stereo Fundus Images
* Accurate and Robust Registration of Nonrigid Surface Using Hierarchical Statistical Shape Model
* Adaptive Local Smoothing for Contour Figure Approximation, An
* Comparison Study of Inferences on Graphical Model for Registering Surface Model to 3D Image, A
* Computing Valid P-Values for Image Segmentation by Selective Inference
* Detection and Enhancement of Line Structures in an Image by Anisotropic Diffusion
* Dynamic PET Image Reconstruction Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Incorporated With Deep Image Prior
* Fast Algorithm for Low-rank Tensor Completion in Delay-embedded Space
* Local Estimation of High Velocity Optical Flow with Correlation Image Sensor
* Missing Slice Recovery for Tensors Using a Low-Rank Model in Embedded Space
* Multi-Scale Detection of Characteristic Figure Structures Using Principal Curvatures of Image Gray-Lever Profile
* Multi-scale Domain-adversarial Multiple-instance CNN for Cancer Subtype Classification with Unannotated Histopathological Images
* Multi-Scale Image Analysis for Detection of Characteristic Component Figure Shapes and Sizes
* Point-based non-rigid surface registration with accuracy estimation
* Primitive Curve Generation Based on Multiscale Contour Figure Approximation
* Re-staining Pathology Images by FCNN
* Robust nonrigid ICP using outlier-sparsity regularization
* Scale-Based Corner Extraction of a Contour Figure Using a Crystalline Flow
* Scale-Space Analysis of a Contour Figure Using a Crystalline Flow, A
* Simultaneous Visual Data Completion and Denoising Based on Tensor Rank and Total Variation Minimization and Its Primal-Dual Splitting Algorithm
* Stability evaluation of a classifier for detecting abdominal tumors in FDG-PET/CT images
* Study on Model Selection from the q-Exponential Distribution for Constructing an Organ Point Distribution Model, A
* Variational Method for Computing Average Images of Biological Organs
* Vibratory image feature extraction based on local log-polar symmetry
Includes: Hontani, H. Hontani, H.[Hidekata]
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Hontani, K. Co Author Listing * Modified snake: real-time face object extraction for video phone

Hontanilla, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Modeling Musical Style with Language Models for Composer Recognition
Includes: Hontanilla, M.[Maria] Hontanilla, M.[María]

Honti, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Semi-Automated Segmentation of Geometric Shapes from Point Clouds

Hontsch, I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive image coding with perceptual distortion control
* APIC: Adaptive Perceptual Image Coding Based on Sub-Band Decomposition with Locally Adaptive Perceptual Weighting
* Locally Adaptive Perceptual Image Coding
* Perceptually Tuned Embedded Zerotree Image Coder, A
Includes: Hontsch, I. Höntsch, I. (Maybe also Hoentsch, I.)

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