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Isik, C. Co Author Listing * Pilot Level of a Hierarchical Controller for an Unmanned Mobile Robot

Isik, L.[Leyla] Co Author Listing * hierarchical model of peripheral vision, A

Isik, S.[Sahin] Co Author Listing * CVABS: moving object segmentation with common vector approach for videos
* SRLibrary: Comparing different loss functions for super-resolution over various convolutional architectures

Isik, Y.Z. Co Author Listing * GMM-SVM Fingerprint Verification Based on Minutiae Only

Isikdag, U. Co Author Listing * BIM and IoT: A Synopsis from GIS Perspective
* Exploring the Processes of Generating LOD (0-2) CITYGML Models in Greater Municipality of Istanbul
* Integration Of Geo-sensor Feeds And Event Consumer Services For Real-time Representation of IOT Nodes
* Multidimensional and Multiscale GIS
* Review Of Recent Research In Indoor Modelling & Mapping, A
* Semi-Automatic 3D City Model Generation from Large-Format Aerial Images
Includes: Isikdag, U. Isikdag, U.[Umit]

Isikdogan, F.[Furkan] Co Author Listing * New Database and Protocol for Image Reuse Detection, A

Isikdogan, L.F. Co Author Listing * VisionISP: Repurposing the Image Signal Processor for Computer Vision Applications

Isikman, S.O.[Serhan O.] Co Author Listing * Scanning Led Array Based Volumetric Display

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