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Katic, N.[Nikola] Co Author Listing * Coded Two-Bucket Cameras for Computer Vision

Katifori, A.[Akrivi] Co Author Listing * Dance Interactive Learning Systems: A Study on Interaction Workflow and Teaching Approaches

Katila, T. Co Author Listing * Experiences on data quality in automatic tissue classification
* Image segmentation combining region growing and edge detection
* review of cardiac image registration methods, A
* Stability Study of Some Neural Networks Applied to Tissue Characterization of Brian Magnetic Resonance Images

Katipally, K. Co Author Listing * Clothing Change Aware Person Identification

Katircioglu, I.[Isinsu] Co Author Listing * Learning Latent Representations of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks
* Learning Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation from Multi-view Images
* Neural Scene Decomposition for Multi-Person Motion Capture
* Structured Prediction of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Katircioglu, I.[Isinsu] Katircioglu, I.

Katiyar, A. Co Author Listing * Formal Methods for Validation and Test Point Prioritization in Railway Signaling Logic

Katiyar, P. Co Author Listing * Texture Classification Using Logical Operators

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