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Kefalea, E.[Efthimia] Co Author Listing * Method for recognizing objects in digitized images

Kefali, A.[Abderhmane] Co Author Listing * MLP for Binarizing Images of Old Manuscripts, An
* Structural feature-based evaluation method of binarization techniques for word retrieval in the degraded Arabic document images
* Tool for automatic tuning of binarisation techniques
Includes: Kefali, A.[Abderhmane] Kefali, A.[Abderrahmane]

Kefauver, S.C.[Shawn C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Wheat Ear Counting Using Thermal Imagery
* Phenotyping Conservation Agriculture Management Effects on Ground and Aerial Remote Sensing Assessments of Maize Hybrids Performance in Zimbabwe
* UAV and Ground Image-Based Phenotyping: A Proof of Concept with Durum Wheat

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