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Khac, C.N.[Cuong Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Efficient local adaptive thresholding for night-time vehicle candidate detection

Khachan, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Polyhedral Representation and Adjacency Graph in n-dimensional Digital Images

Khachatryan, S. Co Author Listing * Design of orthogonal transforms based on partition of unity method and their application to image compression

Khachaturian, A.[Alena] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Airborne Antenna Geometry for Ocean Surface Scatterometric Measurements
* Sea Wind Measurement by Doppler Navigation System with X-Configured Beams in Rectilinear Flight

Khachaturov, G.[Georgii] Co Author Listing * scalable, high-precision, and low-noise detector of shift-invariant image locations, A
* Synthetic image of multiresolution sketch leads to new features

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