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Knoche, M. Co Author Listing * Attention Fusion for Audio-Visual Person Verification Using Multi-Scale Features
* Attention-Based Partial Face Recognition
* Coarse-to-Fine Dual Attention Network for Blind Face Completion, A
* Cross-Quality LFW: A Database for Analyzing Cross- Resolution Image Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments
* Explainable Model-Agnostic Similarity and Confidence in Face Verification
* Face Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* Improving Facial Landmark Detection via a Super-Resolution Inception Network
* Multi-Task Comparator Framework for Kinship Verification, A
* Octuplet Loss: Make Face Recognition Robust to Image Resolution
* Outlier-Robust Neural Aggregation Network for Video Face Identification
* Reposing Humans by Warping 3D Features
* Visual Odometry and 3D Point Clouds Under Low-Light Conditions
Includes: Knoche, M. Knoche, M.[Martin]
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Knockaert, L. Co Author Listing * Comment on An Upper Bound on Run-Length Coding Entropy

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