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Koplay, M.[Mustafa] Co Author Listing * Adrenal tumor characterization on magnetic resonance images

Koplik, K.[Karel] Co Author Listing * Fire Segmentation in Still Images
Includes: Koplik, K.[Karel] Koplík, K.[Karel]

Koplowitz, J. Co Author Listing * Chain Codes and Their Linear Reconstruction Filters
* Corner Detection for Chain Coded Curves
* Design of Perimeter Estimators for Digitized Planar Shapes
* Fourier Encoding of Closed Planar Boundaries
* Hierarchical Representation of Chain-Encoded Binary Image Contours
* More Efficient Convex Hull Algorithm, A
* Multiresolution chain coding of contours
* New Parameterization of Digital Straight Lines, A
* On Bit Reduction of Chain Coded Line Drawings
* On Improving Line Detection in Noisy Images
* On the Edge Location Error for Local Maximum and Zero-Crossing Edge Detectors
* On the Number of Digital Straight Lines on an NxN Grid
* On the Performance of Chain Codes for Quantization of Line Drawings
* On the relation of performance to editing in nearest neighbor rules
* Robust Filtering Algorithm for Subpixel Reconstruction of Chain Coded Line Drawings, A
* Transform Encoding Scheme for Closed Planar Curves, A
* Tree Searched Chain Coding for Subpixel Reconstruction of Planar Curves
Includes: Koplowitz, J. Koplowitz, J.[Jack]
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