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Leandro, A.[Artur] Co Author Listing * Automatic image registration for arm radiographies

Leandro, J.J.G.[Jorge J. G.] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of retinal blood vessels and identification of proliferative diabetic retinopathy
* Fast and robust multiple ColorChecker detection using deep convolutional neural networks
* Retinal vessel segmentation using the 2-D Gabor wavelet and supervised classification
Includes: Leandro, J.J.G.[Jorge J. G.] Leandro, J.J.G.[Jorge J.G.] Leandro, J.J.G.

Leang, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * On-line fusion of trackers for single-object tracking

Leang, P. Co Author Listing * Learning integrated perception-based speed control

Leanza, A. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Phase Screen in GEO-SAR: Estimation and Compensation
* Impact of Scene Decorrelation on Geosynchronous SAR Data Focusing

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