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Lustberg, T. Co Author Listing * Can Atlas-Based Auto-Segmentation Ever Be Perfect? Insights From Extreme Value Theory
* Evaluation of Atlas Selection Methods for Atlas-Based Automatic Segmentation in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning, An

Lustenberger, F. Co Author Listing * Virtual Keyboard Based on True-3D Optical Ranging, A

Lustig, M. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction Convergence Using k-Space Preconditioning
* Better than real: Complex-valued neural nets for MRI fingerprinting
* Computational MRI With Physics-Based Constraints: Application to Multicontrast and Quantitative Imaging
* Efficient Method for Compressed Sensing, An
* Fast L_1-SPIRiT Compressed Sensing Parallel Imaging MRI: Scalable Parallel Implementation and Clinically Feasible Runtime
* Fast Method for Designing Time-Optimal Gradient Waveforms for Arbitrary k-Space Trajectories, A
* Signal Compensation and Compressed Sensing for Magnetization-Prepared MR Angiography
Includes: Lustig, M. Lustig, M.[Michael]
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Lustman, F. Co Author Listing * Building Visual Maps by Combining Noisy Stereo Measurements
* Fast and Reliable Passive Trinocular Stereovision
* Identifying Planes for the Construction of the World Model of a Mobile Robot
* Motion and Structure from Motion from Point and Line Matches
* Motion and Structure from Motion in a Piecewise Planar Environment
* Towards Real-Time Trinocular Stereo
* Trinocular Stereo Vision for Robotics
* Trinocular Stereovision: Recent Results
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Lustrek, M. Co Author Listing * Contact-Free Monitoring of Physiological Parameters in People With Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities

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